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About Happy Ears

Founded in 2012, Happy Ears knows nothing is more boring or cool than earbuds, and their founders designed and redesigned the standard "earbuds" to create happy ears. In the end,it was born when its founder lost hearing (within a year) after a surfing accident in Bali and subsequent ear infections. Fortunately, his hearing was restored, but for a year he was forced to wear bright orange earplugs on one ear and blue earplugs on the other. He started to hate these earplugs and vowed to create something better. Although 1 billion earbuds are sold each year, more than 95% of them are still standard foam earbuds designed for the first time in 1962! Happy Ears Know that they can design and create better things.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Happy Ears

[{'title': 'Can I pay with debit cards at Happy Ears?', 'answer': "Yes, you can. In Happy Ears's online store, you should pay by debit card. What's more, the store is very pleased to accept PayPal, Visa, American Express and MasterCard. Therefore, you do not need to worry about paying for the goods you like. You can pay them safely and quickly."}, {'title': 'How do I clean my products purchased at Happy Ears?', 'answer': 'Happy Ears recommends that you only need to use soap and warm water or rubbing alcohol to clean its products. Many of their customers have commented that their products are washed in a washing machine, but the store does not recommend this.'}, {'title': "How long does Happy Ears's product last?", 'answer': 'Happy Ears cannot guarantee that the product will last for a specific period of time, because all ears and skins are different, and over time, they will have different effects on the approved materials of the product. If used for sleep every day, its products can usually last for several months.'}, {'title': "Can I use Happy Ears's products during sleep?", 'answer': 'Yes. "Forbes" magazine says Happy Ears\'s product is the best earplug for sleeping, and sleep doctors recommend its product as a comfortable substitute for foam earplugs, which are usually too big for ordinary ear canals. One of the reasons its products are so comfortable is that they are sized to fit your ears.'}]