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Salisbury House was built in the 1920s by cosmetics magnate Carl weeks and his wife Edith. Carl weeks and his brother, Leo, joined d. weeks pharmaceuticals, a company founded by his mother's family, the Chamberlans, and Carl's brother, dye. When Deyet Weeks died, Carl and Leo took over and formed dc Leo. Construction of Salisbury house began. Lawrence Bergling is an award-winning biographer, historian and chronicler of adventure. Salisbury house garden is a 42-room architectural marvel built by cosmetics pioneer Carl weeks between 1923 and 1928. To preserve, interpret and share the international significance of Salisbury House and its collection as a historic college museum providing educational and cultural benefits and enjoyment to the public. The following films explore the history of the company, including its origins with zhou's family, the tenure of the Iowa state education association,

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