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About Sylvanian Families

Visit the UK's official Sylvanian Families online shop now with free shipping to the UK! Sylvanian Families is an evergreen toy that has a friendly appeal to everyone. The company was first manufactured in 1985 and is a series of unique and cute animal characters ... This is a nostalgic toy that appeals to people of all ages. Everyone can be part of the family and learn about relationships, including friendliness and love for others. There are all kinds of houses, shops, furniture and accessories, all of which are detailed. The company has been loved by many people around the world since 1985. To get the best experience on their website, what is the company? The company helps children learn key social skills through play. The company promotes healthy games and has a lasting appeal, helping to develop thoughts and emotions.

Shipping Tips

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Sylvanian Families

Is Sylvanian Families offering any coupons and deals at the moment?

Sylvanian Families Coupon Codes and Discount Codes are available now with special offers for their customers! Check out to see 34 promotions available and feel free to give them a try!

Do I need to pay for my shipping if I shop online at Sylvanian Families?

Yes, but there are some conditions if you want to get free shipping at Sylvanian Families. Your orders need to meet a certain amount, which varies from different shipping destinations. To figure out the shipping fee for your area, go to

What do I need to do if I want to sign up at Sylvanian Families?

To create a new account at, follow these steps! First of all, go to the homepage of and find the register button. Click it and a new page will pop up. Then just follow the on-screen instructions to confirm some personal information and you’re done!

Are there other promotions to save money at Sylvanian Families?

Sylvanian Families always tries to help its customers save money while shopping online! You can find all the promotions on the website by taking a look at the homepage and sales page! You can discover a lot of nice bargains there, so feel free to take advantage of them!

When is the discount due?

In general, discounts are due within three months! But different stores may have a different expiration date for discounts! In order to ensure that you know the exact expiration date for the discount you get at Sylvanian Families, it’s better to visit and get accurate information on the home page!