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Today, every one of Tomatoes APIZZA pies is made with the best imported fixings by an affirmed ace pizziaolo. Their batter is wet, which makes it hard to deal with, however delivers the mark surface of their pizza. They utilize imported pecorino Romano ("pizza cheddar"); they age it, crush it, and afterward age it once more. At the pinnacle of flavor, they hack in new oregano and sprinkle this combination on every pie not long before it is heated on a searing hot block in the outside. Tomatoes APIZZA presented Neapolitan by means of New Haven, CT style pizza ("ah-BEETs") to Farmington Hills and encompassing networks in 1998 to rave audits. This novel and truly critical pizza style is separate from different styles by its sporadic shape and meager, chewy, firm, marginally roasted covering.

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