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About DistroKid

DistroKid is the easiest way for musicians to enter music into sites like Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Tid, Tiktok, Google Play, and more. DistroKid is a service where musicians put music into online stores and streaming services. When people listen to your music, they send you money. They are 10-20 times faster in the store than any other dealer, just a fraction of the price. You can upload an unlimited number of albums and songs for a year with just $19.99 (their competitors only need to upload one album for at least 2x). They keep all of your income or set up "split" to automatically transfer any percentage of revenue from anyone to any track.

Shipping Tips

The DistroKid company has variety of products that you can buy. It is good to know several ways at which you can save money at DistroKid so that you may use them to buy more products:

  • Creating an account or susbscribing makes the viewer see a complete list of offers which can be used at DistroKid.
  • Shop during xx sale season as certain percent or dollar off is given on all products with DistroKid Coupon Codes.
  • For DistroKid products, DistroKid is currently offering flat DistroKidcertain percent or dollar off.
  • For all orders over a certain amount, free shipping is guaranteed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on DistroKid

Why Is My Card Not Working With DistroKid?

Lamentably, if your Mastercard isn't working, there's almost no they can do to help. That is on the grounds that DistroKid card processor is revealing to them that your bank is declining the exchanges on their end. Indeed, your Mastercard information never contacts their workers or their data set - it's sent straightforwardly from your program to their charge card processor - so there's nothing they can change on their finish to fix it.

How and When Do I Get Paid By DistroKid?

Income reports and installments are accessible to you when DistroKid gets and measures profit from real time features and stores. Web-based features normally convey these reports month to month, and they reflect deals from around 3 months prior. So a tune you sold yesterday will not appear in your bank until around 3 months from now.

What Happens If I Stop Paying the Annual Fee Of DistroKid?

On the off chance that you quit paying the yearly expense, they may eliminate your melodies and collections from real time features. You will keep on approaching DistroKid and (obviously) will get any profit owed to you. Accepting that you didn't select into Leave a Legacy... the motivation behind why they eliminate previous clients' music from web-based features is on the grounds that it's a ton of work for them to accumulate income reports from real time features, pay out profit, do client assistance, etc.

Can I Ensure My Album Doesn't Ever Get Deleted By DistroKid?

Indeed! Select any collection or single into DistroKid "Leave a Legacy" include. The "Leave a Legacy" extra can be added to a delivery with the goal that it will not be taken out by them because of a slipped by enrollment installment. In addition, in the event that you at any point decide to drop your membership, any deliveries that have the Leave a Legacy extra added will stay in real time features, regardless of whether you drop your record.

Are there any working coupons and discounts at DistroKid right now?

DistroKid Coupons and Promo Codes are available now with special offers for their customers! Check out distrokid.com to see 27 promotions available and feel free to give them a try!

Is free shipping available at DistroKid?

You will qualify for free shipping at DistroKid if your order meets the demands! Otherwise, standard shipping costs are calculated during checkout. Sometimes, DistroKid will offer free shipping on all orders for a limited time, and HotCoupon will list it on this page as soon as possible.

How can I become a member of DistroKid?

If you want to enroll in DistroKid for the first time, visit distrokid.com first! Take a look at the top of the website’s homepage and you can find the entry. You may have different options to create an account such as signing up with your email address or with Google. Just choose the easiest way for you.

Can I get other deals on the online store of DistroKid?

DistroKid always tries to help its customers save money while shopping online! You can find all the promotions on the website by taking a look at the homepage and sales page! You can discover a lot of nice bargains there, so feel free to take advantage of them!

How can I pay at DistroKid?

Most customers usually use credit cards to place their orders on DistroKid, but credit cards aren’t the only payment method you can use! You just go to distrokid.com, and at the bottom of the home page you’ll find out what DistroKid's payment methods are!